Today the arrangement of an exhibition stand is more than an architecture exercise, it's an image vector , it is a very good way of promoting

Therefore we study and analyze the trend, but our aim is to propose something new, innovative one step ahead of the current.
All colors and shapes can be integrated into a project. The architecture that we create and promote is led by the way in which we combine mass, area, volume, texture, light, shadow, materials, and pragmatic elements such as affordable cost, performance, technology, all with the aim of reaching an aesthetic, functional and exclusive purpose.

Our first task is to integrate your desire to communicate in an development strategy for the exhibition space.

Our role together with your marketing manager is to express a volume, a stand image that reflects your goals of communication and promotion

Our office is composed of architects, designers and image professionals. This multidisciplinary team can achieve a real breakthrough in the conception of your projects.

The Project manager, equates to an entrepreneur who can manage the entire project. A real orchestra conductor, the Project manager conducts the project up to the final stage theme. The Project manager is unique and has a global vision of the project, ensuring its success.

Our clients